The Shins at NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert!

James Mercer from The Shins singing at NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert a few days ago!

About 13 years ago when I was in middle school I became a fan of The Shins after listening to their tracks Caring is Creepy and New Slang on the Garden State movie OST. Their third album, Wincing the Night Away, was actually one of the first, if not the first, album I ever bought by myself when I was in high school. I remember I was obsessed with the seventh track, Turn on Me for days.

Subsequently, it’s no surprise that I was looking forward to watching and listening to the video of The Shins at NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert. I love James Mercer’s voice, lyrics, and raw, emotional performance. Unlike other artists, I can keep listening to The Shins on repeat and not get tired of their songs.

Caring is Creepy – The Shins

New Slang – The Shins

Turn on Me – The Shins

Happy Listening!


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