Makeup Empties + Product Reviews!

Hello Everyone! Above are some makeup products I’ve used up in the past year or so. I’ve always wanted to do a makeup empties and product reviews blog post. This is my first time doing it so I’m pretty excited to start! Let’s dive into it!

First off, I loved using Clinique’s moisture surge cream. I’ve been using this product for years and it feels so refreshing and nourishing to put it on my skin right before I go to sleep or whenever I feel my skin is dry. I highly recommend this product if you haven’t tried it, especially if you have dry skin. I would definitely repurchase this product.


Secondly, is the Maybelline Baby Lips moisturizing lip balm in Pink Punch. I really liked this product because it glided on my lips smoothly, loved the tint of pink and it moisturized my lips very well. I would repurchase this product or be happy if someone gave it to me as a present.


Third, is the Mac Cremesheen Glass lip gloss in Just Superb. This was actually my first lipgloss from Mac years ago. I’ve had it for years for sentimental’s sake and just had to add it to my first empties blog post! This was my go-to lip gloss for sometime. I would definitely repurchase a similar Mac cremesheen glass lip gloss since I think this one is no longer available .


Next, the Urban Decay Perversion mascara. I like how sleek and lightweight the product is. It was perfect to carry around in my purse to touch up on my mascara when I’m out and about. The applicator was straight-forward and medium in length. I didn’t have any problems with this mascara, but I wouldn’t be so fast in repurchasing it either. I wouldn’t repurchase this item just because I still have other mascaras that are so similar.


Onwards to foundation! This Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ was a good foundation for special occasions. Sometimes I would mix this foundation with my everyday foundation for a more accurate skin tone color and smoother texture. Even though I liked this product, I wasn’t in love with it. I would not repurchase this item right away because I want to explore using other foundation products.


Next is the Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara in Soft Brown. I really liked using this brow gel to refine my brows. I could see a real difference in my brows when I used it. I would repurchase this product.


Whoops! The label wore off in this product. This was the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Hilighting concealer. As you can tell, I used this product a lot which means I really liked it. The brush was soft and easy to apply to make my face glow. However, since I have an oily face, I’ve found using a powder highlighter is better for me than a liquid highlighter. Knowing this now, I would personally not repurchase this product, but would recommend it for people with dry skin.


This little guy was the Rimmel London Soft Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in Pure White. I just used it around the inner edges of my eyes to look more awake and bright-eyed. This was pretty straightforward to use and I didn’t have any problems with it. I would repurchase this item.


If you noticed above, this product, the Seacret Mineral Rich Refining Toner was not in the group photo above because this was a last minute add on to my empties post. I’ve been using this Seacret product for the last 3 years and really like it. This is probably my second or third bottle I’ve gone through. There’s no irritation, no smell, and my skin feels clean after using it. I would definitely repurchase this item.


Thank you for making it this far! I had so much fun writing this blog post! I can’t wait to write another one in the future when I have more empties and product reviews to share. I’m far from being an expert in makeup, but recently my interest in makeup was reignited when I was looking for the right powder hilighter for me. Applying hilighter could be bloody tricky. I don’t want to look like a disco ball from space!

Anyways, Happy Makeup and Skincare Reviewing!




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